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Rosetech IT Solutions began as an IT Solutions Firm for Small Business and quickly realized that there was great need for technology solutions for businesses of all shapes, sizes and verticals.   Founder & CEO, James Tuttle got his start in the industry working for Large Enterprise Companies and was also a co-founder of the company Solarbuzz.   The early version of the company got its initial start offering services for small startups before the venturing out.  Rosetech IT Solutions got its early start in the “Dot Com Bomb” era and was instrumental in developing e-commerce infrastructure for large scale enterprises.  The solution portfolio quickly grew when the “Cloud Era” took hold in the late 2000’s and into mid 2015 to private clouds and custom infrastructure.   The IT technology was changing at a rapid pace and a new form of technology was beginning to take shape and that was the “Mobile Device” shift and Rosetech IT Solutions began development of Android/IoS applications as well as Cloud Services and Applications.   The recent “Lift and Shift” from on premise IT Servers to Cloud has also given rise to the Hybrid Cloud infrastructure and custom AWS/AZURE based Cloud Services.   Rosetech IT Solutions manages services, cloud infrastructure as a managed services provider as well as a solutions provider for small business.  Rosetech IT Solutions offers not only COTS software and hardware but also develops custom OEM appliances for businesses as well as digital marketing solutions for business and signage for offices.   We offer the latest SDWAN network solutions to the latest in security appliances and NGFW for business.   We also offer security solutions for SMB and Enterprise both in Cloud and On Premises Solutions.  Since 2018, the need for security and compliance expertise has grown significantly and with Rosetech IT experience in Healthcare Security & Compliance, this market has been one we are very proud to be a part of in 2019 and beyond!

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