The current rate of technology change has escalated to a point where it’s almost impossible for businesses to keep up with the changes. Most businesses don’t have the required staff with the latest technology trends to implement or integrate theses new technologies into the business without having a technology partner. The introduction of advanced technology to business can be the difference to your bottom line and/or how fast your company can grow. AI and its affects on business intelligence (BI) can help businesses make informed decisions quickly and can help businesses get on track rapidly. Advanced technology in the infrastructure also raises the difficulty level for operations teams and requires a partner with resources and expertise to help you focus on your core business competency. Not only is technology heavily integrated into business operations, it is also a part of the business intelligence required to keep “Today’s Business” operational and competitive. Use of AI/BI will be essential to be effective in business and the ability to use technology for business. Here are just a few stories about technology in business.

Tech News 2020

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Hacker News

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Data Breaches in 2019

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